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Firefox 54.0

Firefox 54.0 Update

This Mozilla Firefox 54.0 Update is a fast and Open Source Browser that provides you with a highly customizable interface with numerous third party...
Tor Browser 7.0

Tor Browser 7.0 Released

Tor Browser 7.0 protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents...
Google Chrome 59

Google Chrome 59.0.3071.86

The Google Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Google Chrome 59.0.3071.86 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. Interested in...
Opera 45.0.2552.881

Opera 45.0.2552.881

Opera 45.0.2552.881 is a Fast, secure and easy to use browser. The data compressing Opera Turbo feature, native ad blocker and other features will...