Rainmeter Release 4.0 Beta


    Rainmeter Release 4.0 Beta:

    July 13, 2016 – Revision 2618

    You can safely install the new 4.0 beta version right over top of your existing Rainmeter 3.3 or earlier installation, and nothing you have done will be lost or changed. There is no need to uninstall any earlier version of Rainmeter to use the latest version.

    Important change to Rainmeter 4.0:

    Due to future application improvements we intend, which will require the latest version of the Direct2D / DirectWrite graphical engines:

    As of Rainmeter 4.0, Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported by the application.

    Rainmeter 4.0 requires at least Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and the Platform Update applied. These should have been automatically applied several years ago by Windows Update, but if you have Windows Update turned off you may need to get and apply these updates manually. Windows versions later than Windows 7 are fully supported.

    If you are on Windows XP or Windows Vista, and can’t or don’t wish to upgrade, you will need to stay on the 3.3 Release version of Rainmeter.

    Changes in Rainmeter beta 4.0:

    For some stability and performance reasons, we are in the process of changing most or all of the plugins that are distributed with the Rainmeter installation from being external “plugins” to being internal “measures”. At this time, there is no need to change anything in your skin code, but do be aware that discrete .dll files for these plugins will no longer exist in your Rainmeter Plugins folder. As of this writing, the following plugins have been turned into measures:

    • NowPlaying
    • MediaKey
    • RecycleManager
    • WebParser

    Additional details on important changes as the beta cycle progresses can always be found at Change Announcements.


    • String meter: Corrected an issue where the position of an inline Gradient could be incorrect when an inline Shadow was also used on the meter.

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