Windows 10 build 15042 New ReFs Format


Windows 10 build 15042 New ReFs Format.

Microsoft released Windows Server 2012 with support for Resilient File System (ReFs). Now you can find this format in Windows 10 build 15042.

ReFS supports a theoretical maximum volume size of one yottabyte, which is equal to one trillion terabytes.
A single file on an ReFS volume can be 16 exabytes (one million terabytes) in size.

ReFS is designed as the new generation file system for Windows.


Differences with NTFS:

  • ReFS is better and faster in many ways than NTFS.
  • No more limitation of 255 characters for a long file name. File names in ReFS can be up to 32,768 unicode characters long.
  • ReFS format allows a maximum volume size of 262,144 Exabytes.
  • A new way of updating metadata allows you to reliably and consistently recover from power outages without disk corruption.
  • ReFS storage spaces to better detect and repair Problems.
  • U can still use a ReFS Volume with Irreparable Corruption.
  • ReFS can not be used on a system partition because it is not bootable.

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  1. “ReFS is better and faster in many ways than NTFS.”

    ReFS might be better then NTFS but it is not (yet) faster in many usage scenarios.


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