WSUS Offline Update 10.7.4 Released


    WSUS Offline Update 10.7.4 Released.

    WSUS Offline Update 10.7.4 updates Microsoft Windows and Office without or slow Internet connection.

    How to install:

    Download the file to your computer and start UpdateInstaller and select update installation options. Press the start button and your OS will be updated.

    You can use the downloaded files in order to perform system updates on any Windows OS.

    Modifications in version WSUS Offline Update 10.7.4

    • NOTE: This version will be the last one supporting Windows Essentials 2012 (see here and here)
    • C++ 2015 Redistributable Runtime Libraries updated to v. 14.0.24212.0
    • Microsoft Silverlight updated to v. 5.1.50709.0
    • Aria2 download utility updated to v. 1.26.1
    • Removed scan prerequisite updates kb3078601, kb3109094, kb3145739, kb3164033, kb3168965 and kb3177725 for Windows 7 (x86/x64) and Server 2008 R2
    • Removed Windows Update Client March 2016 (kb3138612/kb3138615) from update scan prerequisites for Windows 7 / 8.1 (x86/x64) and Server 2008/2012 R2
    • Static installation definitions for Windows 10 (x86/x64) and Server 2016 systems will now distinguish between OS build numbers
    • DoUpdate.cmd script will now support “/skipdefs” switch to avoid mandatory installation of most recent Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials definition files
    • UpdateInstaller.ini file will now support “skipdefs” setting in [Installation] to control “/skipdefs” switch for DoUpdate.cmd script
    • Self update will now preserve custom language removals
    • DoUpdate.cmd script will now install custom static definitions before built-in ones
    • UpdateGenerator script will now show release info (modifications) when found a new version
    • Fix: Added static installation definition for July 2016 Servicing stack update for Windows 10 (kb3173427/kb3173428) to avoid repeated installation attempts of kb3172729 (Security update for Secure Boot)
    • Fix: Removed redundant static download definitions for July 2016 servicing stack update for Windows 8.1 / Server 2012(R2) (kb3173424/kb3173426)
    • Fix: Excluded updates for Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 (kb3172989/kb3174060) from download
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Outlook 2010 Security Update kb3115474 (MS16-099) by kb3118313 (MS16-107)

    Modifications in version 10.7.3

    • Added scan prerequisite update kb3177725 (MS16-098)
    • Aria2 download utility updated to v. 1.25.0
    • Fix: Rearranged scan prerequisites’ installation sequence in order to avoid repeated installation of kb3172605 (July 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2007 Security Update kb3085620 (MS15-099) by kb3114442 (MS16-099)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2010 Security Update kb3085560 (MS15-099) by kb3114400 (MS16-099)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded OneNote 2010 Security Update kb3054978 (MS15-116) by kb3114885 (MS16-099)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Outlook 2010 Security Update kb3115246 (MS16-088) by kb3115474 (MS16-099)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2013 Security Update kb3085572 (MS15-099) by kb3114340 (MS16-099)
    • Fix: Download part missed Lync 2013 Security Update kb3039779 (MS15-044)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Lync 2013 Security Update kb3114944 (MS16-039) by kb3115431 (MS16-097)
    • Fix: Replaced superseded Skype for Business 2016 Security Update kb3114960 (MS16-039) by kb3115408 (MS16-097)
    • Fix: Removed obsolete Outlook 2007 Security Update kb2880510 (MS16-029)
    • Fix: Removed obsolete Outlook 2013 Security Update kb3114829 (MS16-029)
    • Fix: Removed obsolete Outlook 2016 Security Update kb3114861 (MS16-029)

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